Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Punch-Out collector's kit does not include the game?

This is certainly an interesting strategy. Amazon is taking preorders for the "Punch-Out!! Amazon.com Exclusive Heavyweight Contender Kit." It includes:

* King Hippo Crown Replica
* King Hippo Desktop Punching Bag
* King Hippo Boxer Shorts (Size: Large)
* Doc Louis Remedy Chocolate Bar
But it does NOT include the game. What a bizarre selection of items. At $35, I have a hard time accepting that many people are going to buy it, unless they think the game's inside. Amazon link.

Relatedly, you can now buy the Fallout 3 collector's kit, which includes the game, a Vault Boy bobblehead, lunch box, and hardcover art book for $50 at Amazon.

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