Thursday, March 19, 2009

"Push button for Digg" (link roundup)

Digg button cleverly placed on a pedestrian crossing button found here.

And a few more links:

1. If you act fast, you can subscribe to a new personalized magazine from Time, Inc.

2. Previously, I enjoyed reading Reason as a source of news. However, I gave it up as a trustworthy source after I learned its writers had largely supported Ron Paul even though they knew about his history of sending out racist newsletters. The entire episode did damage to the concept of libertarianism. Well, Ron Paul's starring and apparently homophobic and moronic role in Sacha Baron Cohen's movie will only make things worse.

3. Some officer's wife wrote the the newspaper of the naval base in Ventura County to complain that gate guards were not surrendering salutes to officer's vehicles. The commanding officer's response was...vigorous.

4. Being born in the United States was like winning the lottery. The North Korean government apparently divides the population into three political groups: a loyal "core class," a suspect "wavering class," and a politically unreliable "hostile class." The core class is only 25% of the population. Via.

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