Saturday, March 28, 2009

Stylized Halo toys, Halo wedding cake toppers

These are the new "OddPods" from McFarlane - - stylized Master Chief and Brute Chieftain figures. There's two other Halo OddPods on display here.

Relatedly, here's one of the entries in a Halo toy posing contest organized by McFarlane - - Halo-themed wedding cake toppers by Jim Cunningham:

*Previously: Medieval-style Master Chief.

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  1. hey where can i find a cake topper like this one
    reach me at

  2. I want that exact topper lol that is how my fiance and I met was playing halo 2 on x box live hahha

  3. Where can i get This halo cake topper? Email me

  4. Hi
    I really want this cake topper please email me

  5. For those asking where to get this...I used McFarlane Toys for mine. We had Cortana and Master Chief posed together. She was lit up and he was holding her around her arms as not to block her lights.