Thursday, April 9, 2009

The artists of the Papershapers show

Apparently, tomorrow, I get to check out the Giant Robot-curated, Scion-sponsored, Papershapers show in Culver City before it opens to the public. To prepare, I visited the sites of the participating artists. The work you see below isn't necessarily part of the show, just what caught my eye as I looked through their galleries.

Ana Serrano:

Polly Verity:

Mu Pan:

Hunter Stabler:

Annie Vought:

Richard Sweeney:

Peter Callesen:

Brian Dettmer:

Ryohei Tanaka:

Shin Tanaka:

Template by Shin Tanaka, design by David Horvath. Download it by going here, clicking on hoophy, clicking on Horvath's design on the sidebar, and clicking on it once it loads in the middle of the screen.

Finally, I believe Matt Hawkins won the paper toy design contest with this creation:

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