Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bizarre Wolverines

In honor or the release of Wolverine, here's my favorite Wolverine images. Over at Toycutter, you'll find a roundup of my favorite Wolverine custom toys, including Wolverine My Little Pony, Wolverine Munnys, Mike Mignola-style Wolverine, and the Hulk as Wolverine.

Wolverine amigurumi.

Wolverine by Charles Schulz by Chris Giarrussoto.

Wolverine paper toy.

Wolverine by Shepard Fairey by James Lillis.

Wolverine as a string bean.

Mickey Mouse as Wolverine.

"Wolvengelion" by Toyto.

Wolverine by Rene Magritte by Jason Chan.

Wolverine by Edward Gorey by Skottie Young.

Wolverines playing poker by C.M. Coolidge by Paolo Rivera.

Surreal Wolverine by Salvador Dali by Rivera.

Wolverine by Vincent van Gogh by Laura Martin.

One of several 1950s-style Wolverine illustrations by Joel Priddy.

Wolverine drawn in one line by Gideon Boomer.

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