Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Giant Koi (link roundup)

Giant Koi by Jeremy Enecio. High res at the link. And lots of great fairy tale creatures on display in his portfolio.

And a few more links:

1. Terrific concept art for movies like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Harry Potter at Dermot Power's site. The Attack of the Clones gallery includes images of Asajj Ventress, labeled "Early Sith Concept." Interesting, I just assumed she was created for the first cartoon series.

2. After I put out a call for logo designers, Ken Tango told me about the site Crowdspring - - you post a project and then choose from the logos posted. One of the recent projects was for a pornographer called "Coming Attractions."

3. Graffiti-covered garbage truck.

4. I had a weird trip to the post office the other day. First, the guy who parked next to me drove a hatemobile - - it had "DR H8" vanity plates and was covered in custom graphics advertising some website where you could anonymously send hate-filled emails to people. Second, I unexpectedly received from a publisher a random book called Dump 'Em, which promised to tell me how to break up with anyone. I was afraid someone was sending me a message.

*Previously: Trash truck by Doktor A.

*Buy Asajj Ventress toys at eBay.