Friday, April 17, 2009

Lion Creature sculpture (from Black and White)

Two creations by Richard Johnston.

First up, a Lion Creature sculpture made in 2009 as part of the character development for the video game Black and White:

Lion Creature by ~richardj on deviantART

Next, a life-sized gravity gun from Half-Life:

Gravity Gun by ~richardj on deviantART

Richard's comments are fascinating:

Just a few days before Christmas 2007, Peter Molyneux the boss of Lionhead Studios, gave me a call for a last minute Christmas present idea. He wanted me to make a 3D prop 'Gravity Gun' (as featured in the Half-life series of computer games) to give to one of his children!

I didn't have long to make it and it had to be lightweight, durable and with no sharp edges or easily breakable parts. I used plastic tubing, plastazote and thin plastic. I also used orange cellophane to mimic the gun's 'energy.'
See also this ninja figurine.

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