Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Logo for Boxee (link roundup)

Boxee's goofy logo.

And a few more links:

1. I loved the dog I had as a boy, but if I lost my dog at sea, found it four months later, and learned it had swum to an island and survived by eating feral goats, I probably would have been a little hesitant to welcome it back into my life.

2. Help Rosemary Travale win an Etsy contest by voting for her "Stop Being Sad, Start Being Rad" print I posted previously (towards the bottom right).

3. "Orchid King" Yang Bin really, really liked Holland, so he built a massive Holland-themed park called "Holland Village" in China. It featured "canals, windmills, and full size replicas of famous Dutch buildings such as the Amsterdam train station and the International Court of Justice at the Hague." However, he was convicted of fraud and other crimes and the park has since been demolished.

4. Will Leitch has a very long profile of the New York Yankees in New York Magazine. Here's a taste of his writing - - a vivid portrait of Nick Swisher:

A lower-profile addition this year, but one who seems determined to make himself into a fan favorite if it kills him, is first-baseman–outfielder–utility man Nick Swisher, a former hot prospect in the A’s system who hit 35 homers three years ago but stumbled to a .219 average with the White Sox last year. Swisher, unlike the other additions, didn’t choose to come here: The Yankees got him on the cheap in November, giving up one Wilson Betemit. Swisher is, to put it mildly, a dervish of noise and look-at-me-I’m-wacky energy. (Sample quote: “As soon as you wake up, it’s a great day, because, hey, I woke up!”) He has a Twitter page, which he uses to tell the world things like “Went out to dinner with some of the guys. We’re doing lots of running ... more than I ever have done before. So great!” and is doing what he can to become Sabathia’s little buddy Gilligan. (He says he signed up to Twitter “because CC did” and used one of his first few tweets to say how much he was looking forward to Sabathia’s arrival in Tampa.) Swisher, suffice it to say, is a ham (and, as the glass of water I was drinking in the Yankees locker room while talking to him can attest, careless with his freshly clipped toenails). Most of the time, reporters follow players around to try to get them to talk to them. With Swisher, the opposite is happening: He’s chasing reporters. He clearly hasn’t been here very long.
Read the whole thing.

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