Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mad Men Season 3 Teaser (link roundup)

I've mentioned Dyna Moe's Mad Men desktop wallpapers and paper toys many times before. She created that work as fan art, but she's been hired to create art for AMC and has posted a Mad Men season 3 teaser here as a desktop wallpaper. Her webstore is at Zazzle. (Or . . . it's the best April Fool's Joke I've seen today.)

And a few more links:

1. The Casanova comic by Matt Fraction, Gabriel Ba, and Fabio Moon continues tomorrow. Online for free. Unless this is an April Fool's Joke that's not remotely funny.

2. A guide to libel for bloggers. Via.

3. The man who writes Google's April Fool's jokes.

4. Here's some nostalgia antidote - - the original Transformers cassette toys (especially the humanoid robots) were horrendous.

*At Toycutter: Mad Men minifig concept art.

*Buy "Nightwork: A History of Hacks and Pranks at MIT" at Amazon.