Thursday, April 2, 2009

Marvel Comics 70th Anniversary Covers (link roundup)

One of the four variant covers Marcos Martin created for Marvel's upcoming 70th Anniversary Specials, spotlighting Sub-Mariner, Captain America and the Human Torch.

Marcos drew the terrific Batgirl Year One, which is apparentlyout of print. On the other hand, I was greatly disappointed with the Doctor Strange limited series he did with Brian K. Vaughan. So naturally, that series is available at Amazon.

And a few more links:

1. Clever ad for a web design service. Via.

2. How do you cause a baby boom? Patriarch Ilia II, the head of the Georgian Orthodox Church, promised to personally baptize any baby born to parents of more than two children. (Bonus: Something about his photo reminded me of the Burger King.) Via.

3. The city of Los Angeles pays a college student to remove labels from bottled water and replace it with a city seal before it's used by government officials. Via.

4. Kirby/Okami mashup.

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