Friday, April 17, 2009

New work by Benjamin Verdonck

Just received this email:

The Belgian artist Benjamin Verdonck, known from the giant 'Nest' he built against appartments in Rotterdam, Brussels and Birmingham, has a new work, called KALENDER. A year long he will perform all kinds of actions in public space in the city of Antwerp.

We've put- for instance- a huge apple and egg on the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, emptied some billboards near a station, invited hundreds of people to come and dance with us unexpectedly in the former City Party Hall, put a pink ball on the head of a statue of king Leopold I, built an installation which looked like a gigantic dead bird (and all people believed it was an escaped ostrich), built a house made by junks meant for junks, etc etc.
Great work:

Here's the project's official site.

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