Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pimp my Recognizer (link roundup)

A blinged-out Recognizer from Tron by David Nicholson. If you'd like the chance to buy it from Threadless, then vote by clicking on the voting widget:

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And a few more links:

1. Over at the LA Times, Area 51 workers tell newly declassified tales. For example, test pilot Kenneth Collins had to eject from an experimental plane. Shortly after he landed, three civilians approached him in a pickup truck. The men had the plane's canopy in the truck and offered to drive him to the crash site. Collins told the men to stay away from the wreckage because it included nuclear material. The good samaritans were later tracked down and forced to sign security nondisclosures. The CIA had Collins take "truth serum" and afterward dumped the still groggy pilot at home. His wife thought he was drunk. Read more here, including the explanation for why people thought they were seeing flying saucers (they were more or less right). Via.

2. Bots4Tots teaches kids about robotics through hands-on instruction. You can help out by sponsoring a robot kit here. They're also asking for help in naming their new robot mascot. (I don't think this is part of the Terminator Salvation campaign, but it'd be cool if it was.)

3. The origin of the phrase "steal someone's thunder." Via.

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