Friday, April 3, 2009

Rex Crowle incinerates Simon Cook

I'm usually not interested in Layer Tennis, but I'm a big fan of Rex Crowle, so I followed along today. If you're not familiar with the concept, two artists swap an image back an forth, getting fifteen minutes to complete each "volley" until both have had five turns embellishing the image. Today's match featured Rex Crowle (of Grip Wrench and Little Big Planet fame) and Simon Cook (who created a swell logo for a goat race).

Here's Simon's fourth volley:

and Rex's response:

I highly recommend you click through the entire match. The final volley is genius.

UPDATE: Cook's commentary.

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  1. It appears the "tennis matches" are experienced
    live. I can't seem to find a record of
    the graphic battle between the artists.

  2. What do you mean? Just follow the link and click on each number at the top right - - Intro through 10.

  3. Thanks for the help. I didn't
    know that's how the set up
    worked. *sheepish grin*

  4. It's not the best designed interface.