Saturday, April 25, 2009

Snake-Eyes/Voldo mashup (link roundup)

A gothic, s&m version of Snake-Eyes by Miguel Angel Lacal.

Snake Eyes by ~Artlacal on deviantART


And a few more links:

1. Beware scientific conclusions based on anecdotal evidence. Famed writer Jared Diamond (and I didn't care for the two books of his I read), is now accused of more or less manufacturing "evidence" to support his theories of cultural development.

2. Giving the 2D sprites of Donkey Kong some width.

3. Amazon now says they won't tolerate paid reviews. It's really been one problem after another for Amazon recently, and seemingly largely on account of poorly trained customer service reps. I know my family's experience with their customer service has been terribly frustrating.

4. Contra Costa County in California has announced it won't prosecute misdemeanors (due to budget problems).

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