Monday, April 13, 2009

Super deformed Alien, Predator, and PredAlien figures

Super deformed Alien, PredAlien, and Predator (with swappable heads) vinyl figures by Plastic Arts for Sideshow Collectibles. On sale in May for $80 each. The fastest way to see more photos is to go here.

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  1. I bought the Alien and the Predalien.
    The Alien looks great and stands well,
    but the Predalien has problems. It's
    very top heavy and the legs can't
    handle it over time. Give it 2-3 days
    and Boom! it falls off the shelf onto
    the floor.
    So the Alien *thumbs up*
    the Predalien *thumbs down*

  2. Does the Alien come with the facehugger? Or is it just there for the picture?