Monday, April 27, 2009

Thumbs down for "The Customer Is Always Wrong", but let me ask you a favor

I'll keep this short. The Customer Is Always Wrong: The Retail Chronicles is a collection of short essays by various author's reminiscing about the lousy retail jobs they've held. The stories are all bland and forgettable. The single exception being Wade Rouse's memories of working at Sears. Wade tells of his days as an young homosexual, working for a dork with a lisp, befriending an overweight circa-early 80's Madonna fan who likes to undress the mannequins, and spending time gawking at the hot Sbarro boys. Rouse's writing is crisp, funny and heartfelt, and I wish he'd written the entire book. Here's his blog, where he discusses the agony of asking other author's for book cover blurbs. And there are several books by Wade on sale at Amazon.

But while I'm on the topic, in honor of my first job, let me ask you a favor. Return your shopping cart to the store. Don't shove it into an empty parking spot. Don't push it half into bushes. Return it to the store. And when you park and start walking toward the store? Take one of the carts you're certain to pass in the lot and walk it back to the store. The ones that are waiting for you in the store aren't any newer or better or cleaner. Make the day of someone who just finished loading their car and offer to return their cart for them.

Here, Katie Cook says it better:

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