Thursday, April 23, 2009

Watch G.I. Joe Resolute episodes seven eight, nine, and ten

You can watch the first six episodes of G.I. Joe Resolute here. Below are episodes seven, eight, nine, and ten. If they're taken down, watch the episodes as they're posted at Adult Swim. But it appears the purpose of this project is to create awareness and enthusiasm for G.I. Joe, not maximizing something fairly irrelevant, like page views at the Adult Swim website.

Warren Ellis' recent comments about the project include that so few characters speak because there simply wasn't a big enough budget for more speaking parts. Also, he chose the name "Dial Tone" from various choices offered to him.

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  1. No fun! I wasn't being a wiseass for once. I really thought that would be cool.

    Oh well, another failed joke. Thank you for posting these! And thanks to Adult Swim for allowing them to be spread.

  2. Just wait for them all to be posted...