Sunday, May 3, 2009

At Wieden + Kennedy, even the servers are exciting (link roundup)

At W+K, even the servers are exciting and have their own Twitter feeds.

And a few more links.

1. Salmon skin dress by Isaac Mizrahi.

2. Gourmet sausage bar Wurstkuche in downtown LA has great fries and dipping sauces, but the sausages are nothing special and are insultingly small for the price.

3. One of Bill Simmons' readers, mocking lottery bust Greg Oden's propensity to foul:

As a tribute to Mr. Oden, I spent the entire next day posting Facebook status updates such as, 'Watching Pirates of the Caribbean 2. Can't wait for the part where Greg Oden fouls Orlando Bloom,' and, 'Greg Oden just fouled the word 'Rocket' in the dictionary,' and, 'If Greg Oden goes to an electronics store, and he just looks around without buying anything, could he still commit a foul? Keep in mind, he's not buying anything.' A day well spent, if you ask me."
4. Tiamat as a customer service rep desktop wallpaper.

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