Friday, May 15, 2009

Cover for Pikmin on the old NES (link roundup)

Pikmin, as it would have looked on the old NES. See also 8-bit Resident Evil and Half-Life. Via.

And a few more links:

1. "Since 2006 the surface of the aquifer, in the Kaweah subbasin of the San Joaquin basin, has dropped 50 feet as farmers pumped deeper, Mr. Watte says. Some of his pumps no longer reach far enough to bring any water to the surface." Check out the wild photo at the lower left. Via.

2. Where the Wild Things Are cake, featuring Moishe. Via.

3. Twitter users mistakenly spread the word that the California Supreme Court has legalized gay marriage, not realizing the article was a year old (and moot since California voters outlawed gay marriage a few months later). That's bad enough. What's worse is the "news" was then republished in the LA Times Twitter feed.

4. Due to a contract dispute Danger Mouse can't legally release his new album. So instead, he's going to sell a blank CD-R with cover art, and encourage people to illegally download the album and burn it.

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