Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Dragon in a Wagon

Click through for high-res scans of the entire Little Golden Book A Dragon in the Wagon and other strange sights. It's illustrated by John Martin Gilbert. I'm not sure if this site is for the same Gilbert, but it's full of neat sculptures, like this one about impotence:

*Previously: Tin steam dragon toy.

*Buy books about impotence, or at least amuse yourself by looking at their titles, at Amazon.


  1. Linda Crocker SimmonsSeptember 21, 2009 at 12:37 PM

    I was Googling a dear friend, artist John Martin Gilbert and came across your blog. Yes, the same man who did both the Little Golden Book and the website. Sadly, he has recently suffered from a stroke and is in rehab. Yes, he is amused by and delighted by sex and all its ins and outs. He recently self-published a little volume about an imaginary and sexually obsessed duo - Martin and Rosie. It came out at the same time as his one-artist exhibition at the Ferry Gallery in West Vancouver. No one - it seems to me - has addressed sex with such delightful humour and joy. If you want to get a copy of this little volume I can send you one. I had been talking to him about listing the book on Amazon but his illness has put a crimp in those plans.

  2. Sure, I'd like to see a copy. You can get in touch with me at jstruan at gmail dot com.