Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How Street Fighter's Ryu gives directions (link roundup)

Ryu shows he really is a one-trick pony in this t-shirt design submitted at Threadless by Zedouard Patrick (voting has ended).

And a few more links:

1. Creepy animated gif of a two-headed monster at the bottom of this page.

2. The Birdman of Lincoln Avenue.

3. North Carolina prison psychologist starts romance with prisoner (30 convictions), continues it after he's released, eventually shoots him in the chest. They've since reconciled. Via.

4. Michael Lewis favorably reviews a new semi-authorized biography of Warren Buffet. He basically used to cheat to win typing competitions. And he's more or less a polygamist. Via.

*Previously: Prison offers prisoners pole-vaulting lessons.

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