Friday, May 1, 2009

The Klingon Burger King

UPDATE: Go here for information on the new "Kingon" ad and website and to try to win a set of Star Trek toys.

As part of the Star Trek Burger King ad campaign that kicks off this weekend, The Klingon versions of the Burger King and Queen walked the red carpet at the Star Trek premiere at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. I understand that the flame-broiling makes Burger King particularly popular on the Klingon homeworld, and that the BK slogan there translates as "Take it your way." You can see photos of the more mundane celebrities at the premiere here.

I'll announce a swell Star Trek giveaway on Monday for US residents, so start looking for great Star Trek links now.

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  1. The king is much less scary as a Klingon - just makes more sense.

  2. The king is still creepy. Besides...Klingons like their meat either still alive or warm,raw and fresh off the bone.

  3. I would have thought their slogan would have more easily translated to, "Have it our way OR ELSE!"

  4. well as a rule , klingons prefer their meals "fresh". For meat thsi is usally "killed that day" or living (in the case of small things)
    this may have more to do qwith the nomadic culture they had in ancient times, or possibly the fact that Klinznai has a damp climate and so food will spoil very quickly (refrigeration came late to these people)

  5. I love this! When will we see TV ads with these characters?

    Support Burger King! Or should I say, Burger KLING!?!

  6. Mmmm... fresh kill. Dont we all want our meat fresh? Afterall, it is far superior to freezer burned mystery meat.
    Long live Burger Kling!!!

  7. Today is a good day to die... from obesity

  8. the meat is alien origin...unfortuntely its some poor animal's body ground up intestines into unrecognizable shapes so people wouldn't make the connection of what they're eating...