Sunday, May 24, 2009

Origami dragons, minotaur, and ninja

The comments to this origami Asian dragon said "Ryu Zin 2.1 by Kamiya Satoshi, folded by me":

So I investigated. Here's Kamiya Satoshi's website. The first model I looked at there was this minotaur:

My exploration of advanced origami then led me to the website of Hoang Trung Thanh, where I found these dragons and ninja:

Lots more incredible origami at all of those links.

*Previously: Bruno Bowden folds one of Robert Lang's origami creations in under two minutes, blindfolded, while Rufus Cappadocia plays a custom five-string electric cello.

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  1. How the heck dose a person create something as cool as that ? I just want to know because i tried and i never get something that is that cool ,almost looks Imposable ,but i will keep trying.

  2. lots of practice and time