Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pixar puts reporters in the air to promote UP!

As part of the promotion for Pixar's UP!, people actually get balloon rides:

Aloft above AmericaFor two months in the Spring of 2009, Carl Fredricksen's LazyBoy will become a real-world flying armchair, attached to a beautiful cluster of giant balloons! Partnered with a team of FAA certified balloon pilots, the Cluster Balloon LazyBoy will host aeronauts on tethered flight operations in 20 U.S. cities on a whirlwind tour of the country leading up to the film's launch!

The armchair flights will consist of a five-story tall cluster of colorful balloons carefully attached to the gondola, allowing Media VIP aeronauts to ascend to tethered altitudes above the city and experience the world of lighter-than-air flight in a very unique way!

All events have FAA commercial and gas rated pilots, and even the on-camera spokespeople will have specific LTA training. Great for the world of ballooning!
Here's the official site for the promotion. And you can read a description of the ride here. Via.

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