Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Puma vs. Nike by kozyndan

Puma attacking the goddess Nike - - part of the Puma x kozyndan clothing line, where kozyndan was specifically invited to take shots at Puma's competitors. Follow the links for high-res images of the attack and t-shirt. And the image is actually just a small part of a giant mural, which features an awesome Poseidon and...Al Gore?

Alas, only part of the Puma x kozyndan clothing line is available online, including this monster t-shirt:

Finally, here's the kozyndan webstore.

It reminds me of a great ad I saw years ago, I think it was a Nike ad for whichever Italian soccer team it was sponsoring and featured the giant snake mascot of the team terrorizing all the other mascots in the league, which I believe included Romulus and Remus. Can't find it, alas.

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