Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are opera

Per Wikipedia:

Where the Wild Things Are is a 'fantasy' opera in one act by Oliver Knussen, his Opus 20, to a libretto by Maurice Sendak, based on Sendak's own children's book of the same title. Knussen composed the music over the period 1979 to 1983, on commission from the Opèra National, Brussels.
Here's a positive review from 1985:
But most impressive are the Wild Things. Standing nine to twelve feet tall and made of Lycra, a synthetic fabric, stretched over an aluminum frame and adorned with yak hair, they are remarkably lifelike and utterly faithful to Sendak's vision. Actors inside the costumes manipulate the mouths and arms by means of levers, while technicians in the audience control the movements of the eyes and noses.
And here's a low quality video:

The dvd is available at Amazon. Via.

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