Saturday, June 27, 2009

Black Eyed Perez t-shirt

"Black Eyed Perez" t-shirt by Jared Moraitis on sale for $20 here. And if you don't get the joke, well, I applaud you for knowing less about Perez Hilton than I.

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*Learn about the Evil Eye at Amazon.


  1. Jeez, someone sat down and *drew* that artwork. What a strange expenditure of time and talent.

  2. Might be a total waste of selling that shirt- once Perez sees it- he's going to go crazy and sue the hell out of Jared.

    I wouldn't want his face on a shirt. He just disgusts me :P

  3. Hahahahaha. Brilliant. Friggin' brilliant.

  4. It took a couple of the BLACK EYED PEAS to finally put this "guy" in his place, and that's worth at least one t-shirt design, along with a lifetime allegiance to the BEP's. The pun seemed obvious immediately upon hearing the story, and I quickly went to google to see if the idea had been taken already. Surprisingly, it hadn't, so I begin the task of creating a simple design that wouldn't take too much time. I know it's risky counting on anybody wanting a picture of this guy's face on their chest, but hey, carpe diem.