Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ghostbusters recruitment videos (link roundup)

The Ghostbusters are "hiring" a new Ghostbuster and giving him or her tickets to Comic Con in San Diego. So far, your chances of winning seem to be tremendous. The video I posted above is the only one that's even vaguely entertaining.

And a few more links:

1. Video of a three-year-old operating an excavator. Via.

2. Some sci-fi author is apparently flooding Amazon with negative reviews that recommend his own books. Via.

3. Did the NY Times keep the kidnapping of David Rohde a secret to protect his life, or to keep the ransom price down? Christiane Amanpour has made it clear that she would want it widely publicized if she was kidnapped.

4. Beautiful photo of the clear Gray Fox/Cyborg Ninja toy from Metal Gear Solid.

*At Toycutter: Gray Fox Mighty Muggs.

*Buy Metal Gear Solid toys at eBay.