Sunday, June 21, 2009

I thoroughly enjoyed the Star Wars-ification of Star Trek

I finally got to see Star Trek last night, and give it an enthusiastic thumbs up. I thoroughly enjoyed the Star Wars-ification of the classic series. Let's see,

1. Farm boy goes into space,
2. never met his dad,
3. lusts for the starring woman only to find out she's interested in someone else,
4. and lands on a hostile world without means of leaving, and is rescued by a wizened old sage who essentially knows magic.

Am I missing any other glaring similarities?

5. Oh, the plot is the heroes have to destroy a gigantic planet-destroying spaceship and they do so first by going onto the ship and escaping it, and then launching a weapon from close range.

But aside from the terrible looking ice monsters which really should have been edited out, possibly the silliest interior design of a spaceship ever, and minor quibbles with the plot, Star Trek was a terrific movie. I'm so glad I managed to avoid knowing in advance much more than it involved Spock and time travel.

The future cop was cool, too:

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