Monday, June 22, 2009

Little Sister desktop wallpaper (and more)

I took the liberty of turning four of today's new Threadless t-shirts into desktop wallpapers. The first two are widescreen and the last two are full screen. Tune in later today when I'll tell you how you can a $100 Threadless gift certificate.

Dead Sucker by Kristy Anne Ligones.

White as a Sheet by Anwar Rafiee.

Eclipse! by Ian Leino.

Fighting Crime Doesn't Pay by Stef McFeters.

*Previously: Big Sister concept art desktop wallpaper.

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  1. Have you seen the contest Threadless is running? It's called Threadcakes ( - send in a pic of a cake based on one of their designs, and there are some nice prizes. (I don't mean to go all spammy on you or anything; just thought you might find it interesting.)

  2. Saw it, and my first thought was how I hate contests that make you register at a website.