Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson Fail Whale (link roundup)

Michael Jackson/Fail Whale mashup by Raul Orozco. Found via someone I follow on Twitter (I recommend you follow everyone I follow, they do more than just retweet and post to say they've updated their blogs.)

And a few more links:

1. Batman and Robin desktop wallpaper by Dean Trippe.

2. Donkey plus zebra equals zonkey.

3. Adam "Mythbusters" Savage used his Twitter followers to pressure AT&T into forgiving a massive bill he ran up. It's easy to see why celebrities like Twitter so much. They can post absolutely inane things, and get their ego vigorously stroked by several thousand sycophants. Reminds me of Sally Field's character in Soapdish going to the mall.

4. Last week I mentioned a reporter who wrote a magazine article about a police chief and then had an affair with him. Her editor wrote a long, largely defensive article about the scandal. My favorite sentence buried about 12 paragraphs into the article: "Some have also suggested McBride should never have been used as a reporter by the magazine because she was dating Paul Bucher in the 1990s, close to the time she wrote about him." Via.

*Previously: Adam Savage withdraws his claim that evil credit card companies killed an episode of Mythbusters.

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