Monday, June 29, 2009

Paul Bunyan centaur (link roundup)

Paul Bunyan/Babe the Blue Ox Centaur by Scrappers and Arne that either was or will be on sale here. Via.

And a few more links:

1. This can't possibly be real. Willie Brown (a longtime California politician) says of a recent party:

I went to an unbelievable dinner party at Charlotte and George Shultz's penthouse Monday night for retired Army Gen. Eric Shinseki, the new secretary of veterans affairs.

The party was a Stanlee Gatti tour de force, complete with fatigue-wearing servers, camouflage table cloths, extras dressed up as snipers and a full Marine color guard and band.

It was like being in Afghanistan.

All this for about a dozen guests. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was there with his wife, Maria Shriver. Gavin Newsom was there with Jennifer, and boy is she showing.
At what point does the Red Death show up and eliminate all of them? Via.

2. Design for the tentacle tiger vinyl toy - - Melita Curphy's second toy made by Patch Together. Would you be interested in a vinyl toy based on the mascots of either of my sites?

3. Nice gallery of photos of a rainbow over Brooklyn.

4. Popeye/Spongebob mashup.

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