Monday, June 15, 2009

Trivia show where you answer questions while riding a roller coaster (link roundup)

A new live action show on Cartoon Network called Brain Rush features people trying to answer trivia questions while riding a roller coaster.

And a few more links:

1. Recipe for Duck Fried Rice and Corned Beef.

2. It's China Mieville week at Omnivoracious, starting with a long interview. Sample response:

There's a big default notion that "spare," or "precise" prose is somehow better. I keep insisting to [my students] that while such prose is completely legitimate, it's in no way intrinsically more accurate, more relevant, or better than lush prose. That adjective "precise," for example, needs unpicking. If a "minimalist" writer describes a table, and a metaphor-ridden adjective-heavy weird fictioneer describes a table, they are very different, but the former is in absolutely no way closer to the material reality than the latter. Both of them are radically different from that reality. They're just words. A table is a big wooden thing with my tea on it.
3. Ice Age Happy Meal Toys.

4. Don't.

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*The limited edition of China Mieville's new book is 32% off at Amazon.