Saturday, July 18, 2009

Battleship board game art shows a woman's place is in the kitchen (link roundup)

I'm going to assume this Battleship board game cover art showing the mom and daughter doing dishes while the men relax is a parody. But you're welcome to scrutinize the versions at eBay. Via.

And a few more links:

1. Undeniable sign I'm old: I was really excited to watch a concert on PBS and really enjoyed it - - Billy Idol. You can watch him perform my favorite, "Flesh for Fantasy," at the site. His face looks like he's had some plastic surgery, but his body is shredded. He changed outfits for almost every song like a Ken doll.

2. Flaming armored snail car. Via.

3. Dave McKean posted a photo of "The well behaved but slightly unnerving dog in the house where [he's] staying."

4. Sculpture of Nightmare from Soul Calibur.

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  1. I too watched the Billy Idol on PBS. I was suprised they had him on there. He is such a rebel. I guess we are getting old.

  2. Actually, I went back to see who else was coming up. Soon it'll be Fall Out Boy, so maybe PBS is expanding to do more than show Victor Borges performances.