Monday, July 13, 2009

Crazy 4 Cult 3-D poster and contest

The Crazy 4 Cult 3-D poster by Tim Doyle is full of famous weapons, and if you can name them all, then you can win a swell prize:

Send [Gallery 1988] an email, matching which movie each weapon is from with the corresponding letter or number we have assigned it. Send it to, with the email headline "Cult Contest 09." The winner will not only get a handful of prints from this year's Crazy 4 Cult 3-D, but also an Artist Proof of Luke Chueh's "I Asked For Scrambled" print. That thing easily is worth a few hundred bucks. You have until the show closes on August 8th to email it in.
Here's the chart:

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  1. My friends and I have them all worked out except for that damn needle thing and the red box thing at the front, very very frustrating!

  2. The needle isn't too tough... the box though, thats a weird one.

  3. I'll trade someone the needle for the box!

  4. I'm happy to say that the interwebz came to my rescue and I now know those two. All I'll say is that isn't a box.

  5. I'm having a harder time with W, the one that looks like a fork. Can anyone provide me with a hint or clue?