Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fun interactive donations poster (link roundup)

Clever, a donations poster by Kolle Rebbe for Misereor's efforts to provide vaccinations - - insert coins in a slot and they "fill up" the syringe. (Clever until scum insert something that's not a coin into the slot.)

And a few more links:

1. Until reading this comic, I didn't appreciate that the Harvey Awards nominee for Best Single Issue or Story, include Nascar Heroes #5.

2. How Alison van Diggelen has used "preparation, determination and an irresistible charm" to convince famous people to participate in her podcast interviews. (Although, it's not particularly difficult getting people to participate in interviews. It is difficult to create an interview worth reading.) Via.

3. "Authorities in southern China are investigating reports that local officials in Guizhou province took babies from families who violated family planning laws and handed them over to orphanages for overseas adoption." Relevant links here.

4. I finally noticed that the Indiana Jones Staff of Kings game received horrendous reviews. The IGN review describes the developers as suffering from a "breathtaking level of ignorance." Too bad, I've been telling my oldest the story of Raiders of the Lost Ark in serial form at bedtime. His eyes get really wide at the exact right moments.

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