Monday, July 6, 2009

Ghost poster (link roundup)

Poster by Scott Hansen commemorating record label Ghostly International's 10th anniversary concert series. Go here to preorder a print.

And a few more links:

1. Read the first chapter of Cory Doctor's new book Makers.

2. The July 4th Project, "an art blog featuring variations by many cartoonists on the notion of the patriotic, all-American superhero." Via these sites.

3. Where's Waldo: For Dummies.

4. Some interesting information about McDonald's aggressive efforts to became popular in France:

Within the organization, it was widely agreed that Hennequin had exhibited audacious leadership in France, notably in his handling of the Bové crisis. Rather than doing the prudent, corporate-minded thing and seeking some form of conciliation with Bové, Hennequin had decided to meet provocation with provocation.
Read on. Via.

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*Buy Ghostbusters toys at eBay.