Monday, July 27, 2009

Scarecrow redesigned (link roundup)

Scarecrow with gas mask and syringes - - available for Batman Arkham Asylum if you preorder it. Via.

And a few more links:

1. Warren Ellis is writing a script about the King Arthur legend for the co-producers of 300 (who are also producing a Clash of the Titans-style movie directed by Tarsem).

2. Tips for fixing an internet connection.

3. Michael Yon recently visited Afghanistan:

Landmines still wait in ambush in the fields around the airstrip, and in fact a legacy mine (previous war) was found just about three feet off the road—just a minute from the base—while I was there. The mine has been next to the base for about five years and apparently nobody stepped on it. When soldiers say to you, “Sir, please don’t step off the road,” they mean “DON’T STEP OFF THE ROAD!” The director of the local hospital told me that mines strike about one person per month in this area.
Click through for a photo gallery, including some incredible starscapes.

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