Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Shaun Tan talks about the animated version of The Lost Thing

Shaun Tan is currently working on turning his book The Lost Thing into a short animated film. Below is a well-edited interview of Tan that also features a few moments from the film. Although his books are typically found in the kid's book section, Tan doesn't have kids, doesn't spend time with kids, and just produces art that interests him.

Over at the The Lost Thing official site, you can see some concept art from the film.

And The Lost Thing was previously a stage production. Go here to see some of the puppets Hilary Talbot created for that show. Below is just a tiny sampling of those puppets:

Relatedly, at Shaun's site, you can see several photos from a stage production of his recent book, The Arrival:

Finally, you can buy Shaun Tan's books at Amazon.

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*Buy puppets at eBay.


  1. the cover of the book looks alot like a book i remember we had in our house as a kid

  2. Hey, thanks for the link to the puppets we made :)

    Yes, the image on the cover of the book is a play on a painting called Cahill Expressway by Jeffrey Smart. It's the original painting that is used on the Peter Carey book mentioned in the first comment.