Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tomb of Ligea poster (link roundup)

"Even on her wedding night she must share the man she loved with the 'Female Thing' that lived in the Tomb of the Cat." Tomb of Ligea stars Vincent Price, was directed by Roger Corman, written by Robert Towne, and based on a story by Edgar Allen poe. Here's the trailer:

Found at this site, which has lots more great vintage horror movie posters.

And a few more links:

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2. Fringe viral site.

3. New book alleges Bernie Madoff is a longtime, well-known liar and clumsy adulterer. Also, that he used to wear two watches so he could keep track of two time zones. (And if all that's true, then many of his "victims" must have suspected he was up to no good.)

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