Saturday, July 4, 2009

Victorian ghostbuster (link roundup)

Victorian ghostbuster by Felipe Sobreiro.

And a few more links:

1. A city councilman in Iowa, who led the successful effort to ban pit bulls in Sioux City, is now fighting to prevent the ordered execution of his own dog, who mauled a neighbor. Via.

2. A local government urine tester was arrested in Houston for taking bribes. He's the "second county urine monitor to face bribery charges in connection with court-required urinalysis in two months." Via.

3. A Turkish tv show will feature a Muslim imam, a Greek Orthodox priest, a rabbi, and a Buddhist monk competing to convert atheists. Via.

4. Horrifying story about a lab technician with hepatitis (the hospital knew she had it when they hired her), who was also a heroin user, and who "may have exposed thousands of Colorado patients to hepatitis C when she swapped her own dirty syringes for ones filled with a powerful narcotic." Via.

*Previously: Health Partners' new mascot is a walking vial of urine.

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