Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Vinyl Bertie the Pipebot (link roundup)

Blank vinyl Bertie the Pipebot, perfect for customizing, but apparently not for purchase.

And a few more links:

1. Gatchaman desktop wallpaper and cosplay.

2. The Museum of the History of Science in Oxford University will be hosting a steampunk exhibition and has set up a blog.

3. Skywriting encouraging suicide (or maybe it's a necktie)?

4. Fox Los Angeles News reporter John Schwada had less than kind words to say about his station's recent layoffs:

Put another way, if your butt sags, if your eyes don’t just have crow’s feet, but crow’s legs, heads, wings, etc. and if you need to be airlifted to an ICU for emergency Botox treatment, then you probably survived these cuts. It helps, too, if you can be seen several times a day playing solitaire in your edit bay, have boozy breath and are operating on auto-pilot (and don’t give a damn who knows it).

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