Sunday, July 19, 2009

Whale skeleton poster (link roundup)

Whale skeleton poster by Ian McDonnell on sale for £ 35.00 here.

And a few more links:

1. Great photos of an ancient Italian town on a plateau - - the Civita di Bagnoregio.

2. The ads don't make much sense, but I like the giant keys.

3. Here's a detailed article about how to make money with flash games. I think easily the most important point is that if you want a customer to give you money, you must make it easy. Every click, especially every confusing or slightly suspicious click will compel the customer to change his mind. Sure Amazon has a large selection, good prices, customer reviews, and acceptable customer service, but I'm convinced its real secret is free shipping on orders over $25. How many times have you almost ordered something elsewhere, only to stop cold when you see the shipping fee? Via.

4. Gorilla and lounging kangaroo desktop wallpapers.

*Previously: Salaryman whale.

*Buy whale bone art at eBay.