Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Win a Blu-ray copy of Watchmen

UPDATE: MORS won and has been contacted.

July 25th at 9:30 PM is the Watchmen Director's Cut Screening with Zack Snyder, which you can participate in if you have a Watchmen Director's Cut on Blu-ray Disc, Blu-ray Player that supports BD-Live, and Blu-ray Player connected to the Internet. If you have all that, then sign up here. There's also a related Facebook site.

As part of that promotion, I have a copy of the Blu-ray disc to give away. To enter, comment on this post and make sure your comment includes (1) your email so I can contact you; (2) a Watchmen-related link; and (3) a short description of the link. Best link will win. One entry per person, and I believe the contest is limited to US residents. All entries must be posted by 9:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time on Tuesday, July 28.

Which all gives me a good reason to post the special limited edition dvd set that comes with an Owl Ship model:

38% off at Amazon.

Finally, don't forget, there's still time to try to win the $100 Threadless credit in the Villains of Scooby-Doo art contest.

*Previously: Did Laurie Juspeczyk's last line in Watchmen indicate she's going to become the new Comedian?

*Buy Watchmen posters at eBay.



    one of my favorites is a group of photoshopped panels from the comic. some hilarious edits in there and a great way to waste some time at work

  2. The Annotated Watchmen: (e-book and audiobook)

    A fairly good annotation of Watchmen, with panel by panel breakdowns. I remember first finding the site back when I first read the book, in ye old days of 56k modems. The second link is for a downloadable (and apparently audiobook) version of the content (sans the timeline found on the site).

  3. 104 Ways To Hilariously Ruin The Watchmen Movie

    Around the time of the movie's release, Gizmodo ran a photoshop contest inviting readers to answer the question, "What could Zack Snyder have have inserted into the movie that would have ruined the entire thing?", to absolutely hilarious effect. There are more than a hundred preposterous additions you most definitely won't see in the graphic novel, but could have plausibly seen in the movie if Warner Bros. advertising department had any say.

    The thought of Doctor Manhattan in a Snuggie makes me laugh every time.


    Used as a freeze warning device. Completes circuit to household lamp on temperature fall, indicating inoperative heating equipment
    • Plugs directly into wall outlet. • Lamp plugs into receptacle at bottom of Winter Watchman device. • Useful when house is unoccupied to notify a neighbor of a temperature drop so heating source fault can be rectified before freeze-up occurs. • Not precision calibrated for use as a thermostat.
    Product Specifications
    • Description Beige Winter Watchman • Application Incandescent Lamp • Mounting Vertical • Color Beige • Switching Action SPST • Accuracy (F) 5 F • Accuracy (C) 3 C • Dimensions (in.) 3 3/8 in. high x 2 1/8 in. wide x 13/16 in. deep • Dimensions (mm) 86 mm high x 54 mm wide x 21mm deep • Setting Temperature Range (F) 30 F to 60 F • Setting Temperature Range (C) -1 C to 16 C • Electrical Ratings Load: 120W maximum for incandescent lamp load only. • Frequency 60 Hz • Heat Current 1.0A • Sensor Element Bimetal • Ambient Temperature Range (F) 30 F to 60 F • Ambient Temperature Range (C) -1 C to +16 C • Voltage 120

  5. Rorschach's Journal (On a Boring Night) - I always get a good chuckle when Rorschach accidentally bumps into Dr. Manhattan or when he flips off a Jaywalker.