Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Another Design By Humans contest ends in tragedy (or at least farce)

Here's the three t-shirts I previously highlighted in the Design By Humans KISS design contest:

"Shamisen Axe" by qetza.

Guitar fight at Gojo bridge by xiaobaosg.

Symbolism by kristenhoward.

And here's the three shirts that actually won:

In related news, I've never bought a t-shirt from Design By Humans.

*Previously: Those won the Kings of Leon design contest?!

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  2. I agree with anonymous.

    The first one is all right, the others... Well, it looks like they were looking for more boring, mainstream shirt designs.

  3. wow, never? considering the amount you link to them...

  4. I think I almost always link to shirts that are up for vote, not shirts that were actually printed.

  5. If the Design By Humans selection process works anything like the one over at Threadless, these results aren't too surprising. A bunch of these open submission design sites strike me as little more than hipster treehouse clubs- they operate under a veneer of a creative democracy but seldom stoop to admit anyone not already part of the pack. They have a handful of clever signature shirts to draw in traffic, but this sort of mediocrity is more the norm on contests, etc. Hardly anybody calls them out on it because they're either outside the process and haven't clued in yet or else are smack dab in the middle of it and still want to be part of the big, sloppy conga line. Kudos to this blog for at least raising a flag or two.

  6. But hey, this means that the not-winning but oh-so-wonderful designs can be printed by a proper company or at least by someone with taste? Or did they include some sort of draconian copyright clause in their submission rules?