Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back home now

Been an exhausting few days as my family lived out our own personal episode of House. Highlights included copious bleeding, red herring symptoms, tentative hypotheses that blatantly failed to match all of the circumstances, and diagnoses made with confidence, only to be suddenly abandoned.

God willing, we're past the worst, and the ultimate diagnosis, such as it is, is more or less, "hopefully it won't happen again."

Over the last three days, I watched Speed Racer roughly twelve times with my son. I stand by my review when it came out - - it's fantastic. A tremendous movie. The other thing that helped me get through the time was listening to the Penny Arcade/Scott Kurtz Dungeons and Dragons podcasts. The exact right combination of humor, adventure, and boring-ness to soothe my nerves.

Thanks for the well wishes everyone.