Monday, August 17, 2009

Dharma Initiative house party poster (link roundup)

Poster for a Dharma Initiative house party. As usual, the Lost ARG is too complicated for me to summarize.

And a few more links:

1. Add a squirrel to any photo with the squirrel image generator. Samples here.

2. How to backup and search your friends' Tweets with Google Reader.

3. Received in the mail: Marked for Death: Dying for the story in the World's Most Dangerous Places by Terry Gould:

Worldwide, nearly three-quarters of journalists who die on assignment are targeted and assassinated for their dogged pursuit of important stories of injustice. In Marked for Death, Terry Gould brings this statistic to life, documenting the lives of seven journalists in Colombia, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Russia, and Iraq who stayed on a story until their tragic deaths. Traveling to each locale, he talks with families, friends, colleagues, local officials, and even, in some cases, the parties who arranged the assassinations.
34% off at Amazon.

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