Friday, August 7, 2009

Rejected Twitter Mascots (link roundup)

Chubby kiwi - - one of a series of rejected Twitter mascots by Steven Anderson.

And a few more links:

1. The Swedish embassy in Berlin arranged a meal for kids suffering from gluten intolerance/celiac disease. Alas, the caterer fed the kids a pasta containing gluten. All 60 attendees became ill. Via.

2. Family is the sole occupants of a 32-story condo in Florida, that wasn't able to sell any other units. Excellent setting for a movie:

Pause for a moment anywhere in the building during the day and the silence is deafening.

At night, Vangelakos said, they often hear people on the grounds or even inside the building itself. It’s not hard to break in one of the many entrances.
I think this condo is part of the development. Via.

3. Megan McCardle has written extensively about food and diet of late, and made an excellent observation: "there's no evidence that exercise makes you lose weight--ever discussed dieting with a long distance runner or ballerina?"

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