Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Simulating sex in a car to promote a website?

Series of attention grabbing ambient ads promoting ChicagoNow, which seems to be a collection of blogs about Chicago (the website is a total bore).

Trail of undergarments leading up to a steamed up car which was quite literally rocking back and forth, with signage for the Sex and the Windy City blog, now part of the ChicagoNow network.

A Cubs game sponsorship was used as a platform for more than traditional fan swag, a pile of cars was stacked up outside the stadium along with a sign. The car pyramid drew crowds of passersby snapping pictures, and drove viewers to ChicagoNow where the popular “Parking Ticket Geek” blog is housed.

To top off the blitz, we created a “chalk blog” in Chicago’s busy Pioneer Court using 40 eight-foot boards spread throughout the courtyard. We posed some of the provocative questions that spark debate on ChicagoNow blogs every day, such as “What would you do to improve the CTA?” and “What will the Olympics do for this city?” The chalk blog drew thousands of visitors with just as many opinions, giving them the opportunity to experience ChicagoNow offline. One of the most important strategic considerations was that people who read blogs don’t just care about the posts from the bloggers – they also care about what other readers have to say in the comments. This was our way of capturing that.

The ads are by Zig, which also created the Gary Coleman fortune teller I previously posted. Via.

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