Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bioshock posters, Lego Big Daddy, Little Sister cosplay, and more

Bioshock 2 blueprint style chalk art spotted at Flickr.

UPDATE: I think the artist must be Eric M. Maruscak. You can see a previous Bioshock chalk mural he created here. It only looks like a blueprint because it's unfinished.

UPDATE 2: Finished.

I was simply trying to find out more information about the artist, but before I knew it, I was rounding up a bunch of Bioshock images I don't remember seeing before:

Chibi Big sister (click through for chibi Big Daddy).

Chibi Big Daddy.

Little Sister sketch.

Little Sister cosplay. See also: Bridgette Tenenbaum cosplay.

Lego Big Daddy.

Original Bioshock advertisement. Via.

And coincidentally, while writing this, I received an email about updates to the Something in the Sea site. The best place to skim the changes is this forum thread, but I did notice that the site now features images of the mini-posters that were placed in bottles at the beach event. Here you go if you'd like to print out your own:

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